About: Paz Clayton

PGDip Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling is for people who feel challenged with different issues, of course it is. But it is for people that are struggling with, anxiety, with life, with relationships, work related stress or that could do with some help BEFORE it becomes a mental health issue.

When feeling low or anxious, when anxiety is taking more and more hold over your life it can be hard to see how talking to someone could possibly help as it may feel like you thought and tried everything already..

I believe it can be hard sometimes to seek counselling, being faced by overwhelming emotions, some days it may feel like you have been hit by a tsunami and other days it feels like you can handle this. However, the more you try to suppress or put a lid on your emotions it may feel like these feeling just don’t go away… .

I believe that going to see a counsellor is a very big step towards recovery. It says you are ready to talk about your feelings and is a sign of courage and strength. It can be like taking a big step, making a commitment to yourself to take action towards getting better.

In the room with you, on the phone or through video sessions, I am not here to tell you what to do and how to do, I am not here to criticise you and lead you to do things the way I think it should be done. I am here to explore with you what would work for you, what is right for you, your values and how to work though the challenge.

I am fortunate enough to experience working with people from a variety of different age groups, ethnicities and gender. I have been working extensively with people who were struggling with anger, anxiety, depression, self esteem, self harm, suicide ideation, relationship problems, bereavement, narcissistic abuse and more. I am constantly looking to expand my knowledge and experience. I frequently participate in further professional development training. I am passionate about mental health, learning and expanding my skills, supporting people and making a positive difference as much as I can.

I offer a free of charge half an hour initial consultation where we can both see if we can work together.