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Paz Clayton

PGDip Counselling and Psychotherapy


Counselling is for people challenged with mental health, of course it is. But it is for people that are struggling with, anxiety, with life, with relationships, with self esteem, and with communication that could do with some help BEFORE it becomes a mental health issue.

I believe it is hard for people to seek counselling, being faced by overwhelming emotions, some days it feels that your feelings hit you like a tsunami. However, the more you try to suppress or put a lid on your emotions, the more overwhelming they become and at times talking to friends or family is just not enough to make these feelings go away.

I believe that going to see a counsellor is a very big step towards recovery. It says you are ready to face your feelings and is a sign of courage and strength. It requires commitment and being open and ready to change.

I am fortunate enough to experience working with people from a variety of different age groups, ethnicities, genders and issues and am constantly looking to expand my knowledge and experience. I frequently participate in further professional development training and currently volunteer as a counsellor for Age UK Wirral. I am passionate about mental health, learning and expanding my skills. My interests include reading, attending seminars, meditation, spending time with loved ones, relaxing with friends and travelling.

Rebecca Matthews

PGDip Counselling and Psychotherapy


Since beginning education I have always been interested in psychology and the theories behind why we work in the ways that we do. Through counselling I have truly learnt how different we all are, yet how we all stumble across problems we long to make sense of throughout our lives. I am interested in the more scientific therapy models such as CBT and DBT, and practice client-centred work at all time – my focus is you and your journey. I will not interrupt this journey or try to move you one way or another, but instead work with you to find out what pathway feels right for you. Together I believe we can compassionately hold and carefully explore whatever is going on for you in the hope of further understanding and strengthening your core values, beliefs and behaviours.

I have experience working with a wide variety of issues from bereavement to addiction to self-harm. I have also worked with clients who simply want to offload in a space away from the judgements of other – it’s important to remember that counselling can be for anyone! If you do choose to book an initial consultation with us, we understand how big this step can be and how difficult this can feel for some people – in your struggle we are here for you and really do look forward to meeting you!