Counselling is a talking therapy that takes place in a safe and supportive environment to share what is troubling you and are listened to in none biased none judgemental way. The aim of counselling is to help you find more effective and satisfying ways of living your life.

Not usually offering advice but instead giving you a fresh perspective, helping you find your own understanding of what you are dealing with, and teaching you coping strategies. We will work together to find what your goals are and what works for you.

It’s often easier to talk to a professional than a friend or family member, we will not be judging you and are not personally involved in your situation, therefore can offer impartial empathy and compassion, and will not take what you say personally.

Anyone who is willing to accept help to look at themselves and their issues honestly and attentively can benefit from counselling.

You may go to counselling because you are distressed and seeking help with a specific problem but you do not have to be in crisis to attend counselling sessions. Counselling is also very useful to simply gain greater confidence and move forward with your life more effectively.

Counselling can help you deal with any of a wide spectrum of issues, from day-to-day worries and stresses, to distressing and traumatic events such as the loss of a loved one or a relationship breakdown, to long term psychological challenges like depression and anxiety or past trauma.

The relationship between you and me is one of the most important factors in the effectiveness of our sessions. The aim is to build a relationship based on trust so you feel able to confide in me with your feelings and emotions.

As qualified counsellors we are trained to listen with empathy and openness to all you have to share. We are not there to tell you what to do or in any way judge you. Instead, we aim to help you develop a better understanding of yourself and others so that you can make positive choices for yourself.

Everything discussed in our sessions is confidential and will remain between me and you. We will talk about this in more detail during the initial consultation where we will also go through a confidentiality agreement.

Confidentiality does have it’s limitations due to legal and ethical reasons but these will be explained to you during consultation. We also see our own supervisors on a regular basis to ensure we work effectively and ethically with all clients.

We will always make sure your personal details remain anonymous. If We feel we have to breach confidentiality for any reason, we would always aim to discuss this with you first.

Each person has their own unique experience of counselling, and your results will, to an extent, depend on you – what you want to achieve from the experience and the commitment you make to the counselling process.

In general, results include, but are not limited to, a greater understanding of self and others, a clearer perspective on your life, clarity on what you would like your future to look like and how to move towards this, an understanding of what makes you happy and how to make positive choices, and a better ability to handle stress and anxiety.

Our main room is located on the second floor. We do also have access to ground floor rooms as there is no lift in the building. Please let us know in advance if you require a ground floor room and we will book this in for you.